Pågadata 2024!

z-nexx and Genesis Project invites YOU to Pågadata 2024! This time we will move from the agrarian hamlet of Kvidinge to the company town Örtofta!



News regarding accomodation!
For luxury sceners, some rooms at Örtofta Slott are available:
- 2 single rooms à 850 SEK per night (1 taken, 1 left)
- 10 double rooms à 1100 SEK per night (1 taken, 9 left)
- A small discount will be offered on the second night if you stay both nights
- No breakfast offered
- E-mail me your reservations before August

For hardcore sceners you can still do the regular party-sleeping or bring a camper van or somesuch

For non-luxury and non-party sceners, 20 sleeping spots will be available free-of-charge at Örtofta Scoutkår
- No beds, so bring sleeping bag and mattress

You can find the Örtofta Scoutkår sleeping spot here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/WMjJGH4tThbdKKyU6

You can find the Örtofta Slott here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/BmR3FKfGKkLJXUVP6

Note that both these places are roughly 20 minutes walk from the party place


Proudly announcing Fria Bad BBS i Helsingborg as the official BBS for Pågadata! Call them at friabad.hopto.org:64128 and come chat in our sub or download the demos after the partaj!


Pågadata will be held in Örtofta Folkets Hus, which is at Löddeåvägen 50 in Örtofta.
From 17:00 August 9th until 11:00 on August 11th 2024!
Entrace fee???
Nothing! The entrance fee is 0 SEK, or €0! However, if you want to, a donation for the good cause would be greatly appericiated!
How do I get there?
There is parking for those who go by car, and if you take the train, the Pågatåg stops at Örtofta Station!
Is there a schedule for the compos?
Under construction, coming later!
The deadline for ALL compos is Friday 19:00.
There is a pizzeria witin roughly 300 meter of the party place
You can sleep at the party place. For more information, see the news
I'm a sofascener, I can't sleep at the party!
You can get a hotel or hostel in Lund or Eslöv, but then you gotta get to and from Örtofta!
I'm a hippie and want to live in a tent!
Cool! As we have the allemansrätt in Sweden, you can camp on the gravel parking right next to the venue!
Anything more good to know?
Not yet



The compos to be held are:

AMOS demo




# Handle Group Platform Brings computer?
1 z-nexx Genesis Project C64, Amiga, Gameboy Yeah!
2 Jack-Benny Yeah!
3 platon42 Desire Amiga Yeah!
4 phreedh hmf CBM Yeah!
5 Shoggoth Sultans of Sodom Amiga-ish Atari Yeah!
6 Magnar Censor Design and shit C64 Nope
7 Grip Istari Amiga Yeah!
8 Sickan Judas ^ Up Rough C64 - Amiga Yeah!
9 Yonx Up Rough Amiga Nope
10 coffe Up Rough C64 Nope
11 Jucke Judas c64 Yeah!
12 Skyhawk Triad c64 Yeah!
13 Goto8000 Hack n'.Tra!de uP rOUGH Yeah!
14 Slaze Desire^Defiance Amiga,C64 Yeah!
15 m00p Genesis*Project C64 Nope
16 Scooby Light c64 Yeah!
19 shoe Syntax Society Amiga Yeah!
20 Fix Onslaught/TRSI C64 Yeah!
21 sLASH TEK & Fatzone Amiga, C64 Nope
22 R0vGyross Herpes Roland Yeah!
23 Landreth End of Century C64 Yeah!
24 Bearsoft TMB Amiga Yeah!
25 sidwave TST C64 Yeah!
26 Hagar TST C64, Amiga Yeah!
27 Macx Boar’s Head Tavern C64, MEGA65, VIC20, Next, PacketRadio, OCS, AGA, MW/SW, etc. Yeah!
28 B.Røst. Booze Design C64 Nope
29 Pernod Nope
30 Bob Censor Design C64 Nope
31 Oxidy FairLight C64 Yeah!
32 Trap Bonzai Beer Nope
33 Mason Unicess Commodore 64 Yeah!
34 Mogwai Defiers C64 Nope
35 Sonkajt iND C64 Yeah!
36 uthar C64 Nope
37 Troed SYNC Atari ST Yeah!
38 hedning Genesis * Project C64 Nope
39 DJ Daemon Ericade.radio Amiga Yeah!
40 Coreus The Retro Spirit PC (Radio Coverage) Yeah!
41 Nope
42 Ron Software Of Sweden Commodore 64 Yeah!
43 Devia TST / Ancients Peak > Plateau Yeah!
44 The Sarge Fairlight Bonzai C64 Yeah!
45 Reeseth dNg C64 Yeah!
46 MR.C dNg C64 Yeah!
47 iTCH Software of Sweden C64 Yeah!
48 Photon Scoopex Amiga Nope
49 Thorin CTOD C64 Yeah!
50 Carlis C64 Yeah!
51 Radiant I'm like Groucho Discrete transistors Yeah!
52 ZZAP69 En MaZZA data C64 Yeah!
53 linde Hack n Trade C64 Yeah!
54 Randy iNS!/C!S/HXS/RLS C64 & Amiga Yeah!


If you want to, you're more than welcome to leave donation via Swish using this QR code. If you're on your phone you can press it.

Live stream

There might be a stream when the party is live! You can see it at https://www.twitch.tv/z_nexx, or alternatively at https://www.scenesat.com/video/1


Got questions? Throw an e-mail towards znexxpwnz0r (at) gmail dot com and mention Pågadata in the subject.

IRC channel

Are you elite? Then come and hang in #pågadata.se on IRCnet!